Organic perfumery: My Sexiest Essential Oil Picks for DIY Perfumes!

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By Michèle Duquet Featured photographer: Colette Stevenson (Click here to visit Colette’s website; click photo for larger view) Ahhh spring! It has finally arrived, and there is definitely something in the air! Our senses seem suddenly reawakened by the freshness of its enticing bouquet. With its perfect blend…

The Most Important Time in the History of the Universe

The Most Important Time in the History of the Universe This is the best article I’ve read in a while.  I would recommend seeking out more information on Dolores Cannon – what an amazing individual.  Enjoy and share 🙂

When ego define…

When ego defines you by what you do, or compares you to others, use your power of free will to terminate those thoughts. Say to yourself ‘I’m here on purpose, I can accomplish anything I desire, and I do it by being in harmony with the all-pervading creative force in the universe.’ This will become […]