Excerpt from TDL November 7, 2012

It’s truly unbelievable! As I am writing this blog, it’s crazy to think about how all this is coming into being. We’ve had over 20,000 people sign up for The Daily Love EXTRAVAGANZA alone.

My heart is so open and grateful for this opportunity to serve. To me, I used to think that being important was the most important thing. I longed to belong to a group. I longed to be seen. And on a certain level I still do. But it’s different.

The moment my life really changed came a humble moment – a time when there was no seeming outer success or financial success. It was a moment that I will remember for all of my life. And it was at a Tony Robbins seminar.

I realized that most of my life I had felt so unseen, so unimportant that I had made my life about being seen and being important. And in doing so, I thought that when I was important enough I would be able to FINALLY get the Love I craved. And that model produced some results, but ultimately it left me sad, alone, without any financial resources and with an injured body.

My life of chasing significance, chasing importance had brought me to my knees. I had made my life all about me. And things weren’t working.

It wasn’t until I realized that life was about more than just me. Life was about attaching my life to an idea that was greater than me. It was about service. It was about contribution. It was about meeting other people’s needs. It was about helping others. It truly was about being loving. THAT was when my life changed in the most dramatic ways. I stopping hoarding and started giving. I stopped playing small by not giving my gifts to the world and started to.

I stopped making my life be all about me and started to see the world through the eyes of others.

The switch occurred when I realized that I would become significant to those that I loved and the world by serving them, rather than trying to extract from them. This was the core belief that had to change. And when it did, EVERYTHING else did, too.

So, how can you be of service? To your loved ones? To your community? To your customers? To the world? What problem can you solve?

Excerpt from The Daily Love November 7th, 2012 written by Masin Kipp
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