Divine White Light Meditation

Find a comfortable, quiet place and get into a comfortable position.  This may be in a seated position or laying down on your back.  Listen to this recording and visualize yourself in an orb of protected energy.  This orb will keep out any outside interference, and disruption, and any outside energy.  If you find that you are easily disturbed by outside interference then use the words “shields up” and visualize the orb of protected energy.  This can be done anywhere, any time.

Once you’ve found your comfortable spot and your comfortable position, begin to visualize a bright white light beginning to fall down from the heavens through the top of your head.  This white light is the purest white light, a divine white light that has amazing healing abilities and amazing balancing and harmonizing abilities.  The pure white light is made up of all colours that will balance and harmonize your chakras and make you feel in complete bliss.

As you visualize the pure white light coming down from the heavens, visualize it pouring down over your head, through the top of your head, and filling every surface and empty space in your body.  It fills every cell in your body, healing and harmonizing.  It pours down through your head, down your back, down through your neck, into your chest, in your lungs, into your stomach, filling every space in your body; every cell in your body.  It fills every organ in your body with beautiful pure white light.  It continues down through your intestines, through your abdomen, and through your reproductive organs.  It fills every cell and every crevice in your body.  Continue to visualize this white light running down through your entire body, down your arms, your legs, and out through your fingertips and toes.  The white light radiates out of your fingertips and toes and continues to fill your entire body up; up and out through your fingers and toes.  You are now a glowing orb of pure divine white light.  Stay in this space and in this visualization for as long as you can until you feel the purity that it brings you.

How do you feel now? 🙂


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